Health Care

No matter where you are in Flint Township, a major medical facility is close at hand.  Genesee County is a significant instructional site for Michigan State University, and it is the home of the University of Michigan School of Physical Therapy.

Hurley Medical Center is the area's largest public-owned medial facility.  It operates the School of Nursing for the University of Michigan-Flint, and has education programs for EMTs and paramedics.  Hurley is particularly known for its neonatal facility and its burn unit, which is known as one of the best in the nation.

Genesys Regional Medical Center is comprised of four facilities; Genesys Health park in Grand Blanc; Genesys East Flint Campus (formerly st. Joseph Hospital); Genesys West Flint Campus (formerly Flint Osteopathic hospital); Genesys hospice Care Center in Goodrich.

McLaren Regional Medical Center is known for its heart and vascular center.  its cancer center is the region's first free-standing facility dedicated to the treatment of caner.